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in the airplane cockpitWelcome to Eye of the Pilot... This is a social network for private pilots. We do not require any registration or an account. Let me clarify the social network stuff.

Enjoying Eye of the Pilot is as easy as flying an airplane... well actually it's a bit easier than that. We are a photo based network.

Visitors to Eye of the Pilot can view and comment on their fellow pilots' aviation photography. These photos can be anything from static airplane pics to aerial photos taken for GA aircraft.

Pilots and aviation buffs can also upload aerial photos to the gallery with just a few clicks or touches. Aerial photos, in particular, are a wonderful way to spread the joy of general aviation.

Aviation Photos

We would like to see the collection of aviation photos grow. Pilots and aviation connoseurs feel free to post your photos for others to enjoy. You know the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

Aircraft enthusiasts will certainly enjoy pictures taken at your local airshow or your home town airfield, but everyone can appreciate aerial photography. Photos from the cockpit are priceless.

Upload an aerial photo...

Been flying lately? Yes... well how about some proof? You can easily upload and post aviation pictures just by filling out a basic form. It takes only a few clicks or touches.

This is the fun part. You can promote the thrill of general aviation through aerial photos. Uploading into our gallery is a snap.

About Us

We are the private pilots network without the login...

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