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Eye of the Pilot has partnered with Magazine Agent to bring you special pricing on various aviation magazines including those primarily of interest to airplane and aircraft enthusiasts. Magazine subscriptions also make great gift ideas for the pilot or aviation enthusiast in your family. Some available aviation related magazines are Aviation History, Aviation Week, Air and Space, Plane and Pilot, Flying, Kit Planes, and Popular Science.

Why buy magazines anyway?

You can always learn from an industry magazine. We all know that when it comes to aviation and piloting in general, you will never learn it all. It is a never-ending cycle of education since the field is so vast, bears so much history, and continues to have so much innovation.

I find that print magazines are portable and they find themselves into the hands of others as they lay on the coffee table or out on the patio deck. No battery required for your enjoyment. You never know who may take an interest in flying after reading some aviation related article.

New technology is another draw to these aviation-themed print magazines. It is common to find the latest technology featured in magazine articles as promotion for the technology as well as education for the pilots who are interested. There is no doubt that the technology of aircraft and aviation in general is ever-changing for the better.

You can get off the ground without ever leaving your favorite chair, these are some of the more interesting pilot publications out there and the subscription prices are very reasonable considering the amount of info and pictures that they compile for the magazines.

Although print magazines aren't nearly as popular as they used to be, there is something about gazing down on glossy printed media versus always sitting at a computer, or staring at a smartphone...

Titles available...

pilot magazine - air and space airplane magazines aviation history magazine aviation week magazine flight journal magazine Flying - pilot magazine kit plane magazines plane and pilot magazines

View all available aviation and pilot magazines at Magazine-Agent.

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