Airplane with ADF Pilots Need It

ADF pilots need it
ADF Pilots Need It


This is an old ad for an Edo-Aire ADF. It reads: Ha. Knowledgeable pilots would never ask "that" question. The need and desire for a good automatic direction finder is almost directly proportional to pilot skill and utilization of aircraft. You can fly IFR without it, but no pilot wants to.

VHF is fine and dandy, but it is the "old fashion" ADF that gets you to the compass locator for an ILS approach, or safely over water to the outer islands or to those great-to-fly-to but hard-to-find places off the airways and out in the boon docks. No question about it, you need ADF.

The only questions you should ask, as a well rounded pilot, are: Is it reliable? Is it easy to use? and How much? Edo-Aire has answers to all three pilot questions. Yes, yes, and $795.00. (Good for inflight entertainment too. Whoever heard of an omni that broadcasts news, sports, and musci?

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