Cessna Flying Lesson Coupon

Cessna Flying Lesson Coupon
Cessna Flying Lesson Coupon


This is an old ad for an Cessna Flying Lesson. It reads: Cessna's new program of flight training starts with a new kind of Instructor.

This coupon buys your introductory flying lesson in a Cessna 15O. A pilot's pilot. Someone who knows aircraft, navigation, and the latest advances in avionics. But just as important, your Cessna instructor is your personal teacher. To make sure he's the best there is, every instructor attends a series of clinics where he learns to communicate his knowledge to each individual student.

Cessna's new system of flight training is more than just the sum of its parts. It's a totally integrated program combining instructor, planned curriculum, aircraft, training aids and financing. Together, they bring flight training down to its simplest form, make it easy for everyone to learn to fly.

Worried about ground school? Don't be. It's integrated into our program, so you learn what you need to know as you progress, with the help of unique new audiovisual aids. You'll learn in the world's best trainer, the Cessna 150. More people train in 150's than in all other airplanes com­bined. Because the 150 flies like the airplanes you'll want to fly later on, it's an easy step up to a 200-mph Centurion.

It'll probably cost a little more to learn at a Cessna Pilot Center. But you'll be taught right. And it'll be worth it. We'll be happy to help you arrange financing. Or you can use your BankAmericard, Master Charge or American Express card at many Cessna Pilot Centers.

How long does it take? Some people get their license in 40 hours, others take more. The important thing is that a Cessna Pilot Center gives you the best training for your money. So c'mon. You always said you were going to do it. Now's your chance. Learn from the leader - your Cessna Instructor.

Be sure to use your Cessna flying lesson coupon. For the name of your nearest Cessna Pilot Center, plus free Learn-to-Fly Kit, write: Dept. CPC/INS-AF, Cessna Aircraft, Wichita, Kansas 67201.

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