King Air C90

King Air C90
King Air C90


This is an old ad for the Beechcraft King Air C90. It reads: YOU GET ALL THIS FOR LESS THAN $400,000!

Introducing the new Beechcraft King Air C90... Complete IFR avionics package including dual Nav/Coms, C-14 compass system, digital ADF, DME -even transponder and radar!

Complete all-weather system including all anti-icing, prop de-icing, ice lights, electric windshield with anti-icing - even wing boots! Complete cabin interiors with club seating, fore and aft partitions - even complete toilet installation! New dual bleed air pressurization - even self-contained all-season air conditioning!

The most popular and most proven corporate turboprop in history! Incomparable Beechcraft parts and service support throughout the world! ... a// this and more for only $399,500!

Why settle for less? If you're considering over-the-weather pressurized transportation, now is the time to step up to turbine power and all the other advantages of the Beechcraft King Air as well. See the new C90 and get all the facts from your Beechcraft King Air Dealer. See him soon, or write Beech Aircraft Corporation for your copy of the colorful new C90 brochure.

Beechcraft Corporation Wichita, Kansas 67201, U.S.A.

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