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This is an old ad for a pilot's R Nav. It reads: Introducing the first precision system for general aviation ...from KING, of course!

King's tried-and-tested professional Gold Crown line has a new star performer...the KNC 610 R NAV. Performer is the key word. This new system brings Area Nav capability to general aviation that is matched only by systems costing many thou­sands of dollars more.

The KNC 610 teams up with the new KNR 601 Nav Receiver to provide standard VOR/LOC operation, in addition to Area Nav. It's compati­ble with sophisticated Pictorial Navigation Indicators such as King's KPI 550 shown above...or any ARINC standard indicator. This includes the low-cost King Silver Crown line, too.* This TSO'd, IFR-approved unit is completely self-contained and panel-mounted, only 12 inches long and weighs just 3.3 pounds.

Operation is a snap. Select the VOR/DME or Area Nav mode. For Area Nav, just dial in radial and dis­tance from the VORTAC to the way point...center the needle of the course deviation indicator (just as for regular VOR navigation)... and fly direct to the "phantom" station (which could be any point on a planned course, or, for in­stance, the precise location of an airport).

In Area Nav mode, the KNC 610 provides constant course width (+/- 5 miles) which allows smooth autopilot coupling and eliminates erratic maneuvers when flying over a VOR station. It also lets you fly a course accurately at low alti­tudes to a way point up to 150 miles away.

Another exclusive.. .the KNC 610 gives you continuous way point distance in the top window, so you don't have to refer to your DME for that information. All this for only $2495 (plus the VOR indicator of your choice). And if you choose a complete King sys­tem including the KPI 550, you can save as much as $1,000!

Let the KNC 610 introduce you to easier, safer and more economical flying. See it soon at your favorite King distributor or dealer. TOMORROW'S AIRCRAFT ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT TODAY from the KING RADIO CORP.

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