Piper Aztec Ad

Piper Aztec Ad
Piper Aztec Ad


This is an old ad for the Piper Aztec. It reads: The Aztec, always big, is now stretched for even more room and load.

The stretched Aztec E offers an extra 15 percent space in its two huge front and rear luggage compartments... now totaling 47 cubic feet. And your choice of new, more sophisticated autopilot and flight director systems.

And many new engineering refine­ments for even more maintenance-free operation of its well-proved systems and rugged structure. And a new longer, sleeker profile that gives it a distinctively beautiful look.

There's stretch-out comfort, too, in the big, quiet cabin that holds six adults without cramping. The Aztec E's speed and range let you stretch your time and reach. Cruise up to 245 mph at 22,000 feet in the turbocharged Turbo Aztec E; 210 mph in the normally aspirated model.

And the useful load of over a ton lets you carry six adults, 50 pounds of luggage each, full IFR instrumen­tation and fuel for over 1000 miles. Up to 1300 mile range. Expands your utility, too, because the Aztec can use fields other twins shy away from.. .takes off and lands in 850 feet or less.

Stretches your operating dollar, too. Ruggedized 250 hp Lycoming engines are rated at 300,000 to 350,000 miles between overhauls. Evaluate the Aztec E-one of the world's best twins, now even better.

See your Piper dealer or write for Aztec E brochure Dept. AZ-3, Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven, Pa. 17745

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